Based on Kodaly we are the first Music School in Norfolk to offer lessons using the Colourstrings Method and books.

From Music Kindergartens (17 months old +) to Instrumental lessons (5, 6, 7 years old) The Eynsford Academy of Music's primary aim is to enthuse local children to get involved in music for life.

Music Kindergartens form the foundation of all the tuition at the Eynsford Academy of Music.Classes are available for children from 17 months to 5 years. During their stay in the Music Kindergartens children learn about the basic concepts of music through games, songs, rhymes, movement and dance, simple instruments and by listening. Classes are child centred but structured. Complex ideas are taught step by step, very simply, in an enjoyable way. Their inner hearing is developed so that the secrets of musical success are unlocked providing everything a child needs to be successful on an instrument in the future, if they wish to.

From the age of 5, 6, or 7 Colourstrings instrumental tuition is offered. Currently children can choose from violin or viola. At a later stage we will be offering other strings as well as piano. The Colourstrings/Kodaly approaches, quality of the materials and expert tuition typically bring success to a high level.

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Music Kindergartens
Colourstrings Violin/Viola
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